Joshua Silverstein

With side-splitting humor and raw power, comedic actor and beatboxer Joshua Silverstein delivers an explosive mix of storytelling, spoken word, vocal percussion, and hip hop. Backed by a three-piece band, Silverstein layers playful and riveting narratives grounded in personal experience, nuanced by the complexities and contradictions surrounding identify, race, and gender in America. Plus, he reveals what it would have been like if Buster Keaton could beatbox!




My abs are hurting from laughing so hard! Please go see Joshua Silverstein's one man show. It's raw, honest, clever and did I mention hilarious!!

– Tatiana Zamir


Absolutely AMAZING show!!! My cheeks hurt from laughing but I left with SO much to think about! Food for the soul, from beginning to end. Simply can't give it high enough marks!!!

 Jill Rosenthal


Brilliant. I can't think of another performer who can take an audience zigzagging through his own psyche using music, beatboxing, poetry *and* comedy, then keep them absolutely engaged through every turn. The beautiful part was the way all the pieces came together at the end. Watching, you feel happily entertained, thinking each vignette to be random fun or maybe just a touch of biography. Joshua paints his picture layer by layer with finesse, leading us on, until the final acts pull everything into perfect focus. Like studying a Seurat painting, up close it's all vibrant color & wild motion, then perspective shifts & turns the chaos into a beautiful clarity. The end result is a thought-provoking look at what it means to be human.

 A.m. McQueen


What an incredible performance! So impressed! The most amazing comedy/music/spoken word show I have seen is sooo long! Truly hilarious and brilliant! Seriously, anyone who wants to laugh their ass off and listen to an amazing artist should see this.

– Christina Kiddo


That show was one of the best shows I've seen in my life.

– Kristina Wong


I saw this show on opening night and it was FANTASTIC! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Joshua Silverstein blew us away.

– John Hensley


One of the best stage production one acts I've ever seen. It was hilarious, thought provoking, more hilarious, and reflective. Great show, Joshua!!!

– C-Aye Purcell


Pretty incredible solo show. Another epic performance talent. Lots of personal revelation here. Uncool, embarrassing. Exceptionally well staged and paced. Extended moments of fanciful non-verbal theater situations where he uses what might be a called an extended, theatrical beatboxing technique into a microphone with the low frequencies deftly augmented. I thought: "Artaud would be proud." Total package was very tight… First standing ovation I can remember feeling compelled to give in ... years?

– Alex Gedeon


Bravado fueled by insecurity is a mainstay, a man-stay, that pushes people to overcome fear and show the world they deserve some respect, some credit, perhaps even some applause. Silverstein's energetic and comedic carousel of observational vignettes does earn him all three.

– Stephanie Fishbein, Theater Times


I have so many friends who are constantly putting up amazing shows that I very rarely single anyone out. But I have to make an exception for Joshua Silverstein’s show. This show is PHENOMENAL, and I deeply want people to see it! I promise you this is like no other show you've ever seen, and *infinitely* better than going to a movie or having a couple of drinks. It is *very* funny and also surprisingly moving. For anyone who has ever struggled with money, art, self-esteem, jealousy, race, anger, or basically just existing, I promise you it is not to be missed.

– Lauren Flans


My wife Elsie Van Clief and I went to see TELL ME I'M PRETTY (Living with Cacophony) by Joshua Silverstein and we laughed a lot. Most of my friends know it takes a lot to make me laugh but, I laughed. You should make the trip out to check it's worth it.

-Shihan Van Clief


Joshua’s performance is awesome! What an outside-the-box, amazing, brilliant show he has created! It was thoroughly entertaining, and we all loved it! We are thankful for him sharing a piece of his soul with us.

-Del Whitely Dozier


Not just for Joshua's contemporaries. I LOVED this show! Personally revealing, raw, candid, current and relevant and, at times, I laughed till my sides ached. Great energy, gobs of talent and a big heart. Go see this show.

– Sally Landau


OMG! Joshua Silverstein's show is a MUST SEE. He sent me into Geriatrics- laughing so hard I needed oxygen to breathe and about lost my bladder! This is definitely a hit! RUN, Jog, Skip, Hop, Leap, Segway, pirouette your way to this show. Joshua Silverstein is amazing. He is electrified on stage.

– Shaunelle Curry


Joshua killed it!!! Besides being ridiculously talented, he's probably one of the most loving men I know, It's his story. But it's larger than that. Funny, transparent, touching, entertaining, impactful, moving....I laughed so hard and cried (like 3 times).

– Malaika Darling


Great show! Your talent needs to be unleashed in this world.

– Rolland Lopez


Such a great show!! Very honest, entertaining, and thought provoking.

– Christina Hill